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5 Tips to Stay Energized Throughout the Day

Kaitlyn Agnew | April 8, 2015 | 9:21 AM

After another harsh winter in #Chiberia, our team is more than ready to thaw out and transition our minds for the Spring season. Whether you’re putting in long days at the salon, spending all day on your feet in the classroom or devoting your weekend to another beauty event, it’s important to stay invigorated.

Skimp the seasonal slump and spring forward with 5 tips for staying energized:

  1. Get caffeinated – One cup of coffee is a totally acceptable to start your day (and necessary for many of us!) but also consider some different options such as flavored tea – Republic of Tea has some great options and there are plenty of health benefits including antioxidants, greater immunity, improved cognitive functions and less fatigue.
  1. Work out in the morning – It can be difficult not to repeatedly hit the snooze button but remember, the biggest obstacle is getting out of bed. Once you’re up, drink a full glass of water to get going and start your workout. There are plenty of 10-20 minute workouts available online (start with these 5 channels) to help you rev your metabolism for the day.
  1. Snack all day long – It’s best to eat small meals throughout the day instead of 3 large meals because frequent snacking, as long as it’s healthy, keeps your metabolism humming, staves off hunger and controls blood sugar.
  1. Listen to Some Tunes – Give your mind a change of pace and listen to some music as you work. A pre-made “Coffee Shop” playlist or a mix station on Pandora can provide motivation and good vibes while working on an important deadline or project.
  1. Break away for your desk - Don't stay glued to your computer—humans were not meant to sit all day long so give your body occasional movement to change channels and get oxygen flowing. Get up and talk with people instead of sending an email, stand while you’re on the phone and go for a walk at lunch, even if you have to become a mall walker, it’s still a nice change of pace and scenery.


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