The Many Reasons to be a Hairdresser

Maggie Mulhern | April 13, 2015 | 4:44 PM


MODERN was truly moved by this Instagram post by David Thurston, owner of the Butterfly Loft Salon and Spa Ubungalows of Los Angeles.


This list of reasons on "Why I would be happy if my daughters chose to be hairstylists" generated a lot of interest among the 19K @butterflyloftsalon followers.


"The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive to this particular post as well as our other inspiration posts," Thurston says. "This particular post generated 107 comments so far and over 800 likes, but is also very close to my heart. I grew up in a family where I felt my only choices were accounting or law. I’m a very creative individual, so I felt like I was pushed into something that just wasn’t me. After leaving the corporate world for the salon world, I quickly realized that the perception of what the salon world is like does not match reality. Being a stylist IS a great profession. I think people are generally happy in the salon world. I think they are healthier. There are so many people I pass by on my way to the salon who are doing the daily commute to a corporate job, and I can see how unhappy they are. Stylists always hashtag photos #ilovemyjob, and they aren’t being ironic. They love what they do. This is important to quality of life, I believe."


Thurston, who always tags #butterflyloftinspiration for his inspirational comments, also celebrates the Butterfly Loft artists on a regular basis. 


The page boasts 19K followers and just about each of the 816 plus posts are of amazing makeovers or finishes by Butterfly Loft artists. 


Here are Thurston's 5 reasons to be happy to be a hairdresser. Please read these and then share your own:


1. In short time, stylists can be independent; they can tailor their hours to fit their lifestyle and they can do their craft anywhere in the world.

2. People in the salon world are generally happy people. Our job is to make others happy.

3. The salon world keeps us young. In my opinion, we generally look 8 to 10 years younger and healthier than our peers because we take care of ourselves, stay on trend and enjoy our work.

4. Everybody wishes they could make good money doing something creative that they love. Contrary to what many think, stylists who are ambitious and take professionalism seriously can make excellent incomes. Many stylists that I know made over $150K last year doing hair.

5. The salon world is generally more accepting of all races, religious and sexual orientations. Most are wired to be givers with their time and skills. And that's an environment I would wish for my daughters.







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