FORMULA: Frozen Blonde

Maggie Mulhern | April 19, 2015 | 1:10 PM

Elise Melnick (@hairbyELM)  changes her root color and lets it fade out "so I can try new stuff," she says. "I keep it pastel so it fades out quickly." When we saw this selfie we had to know more. The full time stylist at Efoxx Hair in Sherman Oaks, says hairdressing is "my absolute favorite job ever. I work with an AMAZINGLY talented and truly creative group at the boutique salon, and we constantly feed off each other's artistic inspiration! I'm in love with my salon, my coworkers and my clients... Truly couldn't be happier!!"

Here she shares the how to for this stunning silver finish in her own words:

Step 1: Prelighten the hair to the palest yellow level 10 (this color must have zero warmth!) with whatever volume developer suits your client.  For my hair we use 20 volume on the roots with a bond builder.  

Step 2: Wash, rinse, and apply Goldwell Colorance equal parts 10P and 10BS to the root and process 10 minutes.  After 10 minutes comb hrough to continue processing an additional 10 minutes. This formula on level 10 bleached hair results in a PERFECT white!  

Step 3: Rinse, towel dry, and apply the root pastel color mixture: Pravana Violet and a drop of Scruples Urban Shock Pink, and dilute with conditioner.  If you want extra depth keep adding the violet and pink in small increments until you reach the desired tone.

Step 4: Once the desired color is reached,  apply the formula at the roots about an inch and a half out, only above the parietal ridge. I like the color to be just around my part and my crown, not all throughout my hair.  

Step 5: Put a processing cap on, process 20 minutes under heat, rinse, shampoo and condition!  You are all done! 


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