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Healthy Hairdressers, The Triple Play

Anne Moratto | April 27, 2015 | 1:52 PM

Spring is here.  It is baseball season.  I am a Cub fan, excited for the season.

Home runs, stolen bases and extra innings make baseball exciting, but nothing is as exciting as the rare triple play.

I am excited to share a few triple plays in the guy hair game from me for the season.

My educational offerings for the year are falling into three distinct categories.  I am sharing technical men’s haircutting as I have always done.  I have powerful game changing programming to offer in putting guy hair on the floor with clippers.  Cuts are short, tight and technical.  My latest DVD, ClipperGuy Says…Time is Money is all about my haircutting efficiency system and the techniques haircutters can implement o pick up the pace and boost income and client traffic.

I am sharing men’s business building information.  My Barber Like A Pirate program has been offered up to rave reviews.  Pirates say Rrrrrr!  I have built a easy-to-implement program built on the Rrrrr’s of the barber business.  Scallywags set sail for barber success.  Eye patch not included.

Modern Salon’s Healthy hairdresser Initiative is a bit over one year old.  I have been more than paying attention.  I have been busy.  I went out and got educated.  I received my certification in personal training a short time ago from the American Council on Exercise.  I sought out this education and credential as a tool to use to bring real, useable, life changing information to salon professionals.

I have subtly begun to slip health, wellness and fitness information into my business and cutting classes.  I have been testing the waters on haircutter’s receptivity to this new message about this important conversation in staying or getting healthy physically, mentally and professionally.

My triple play for healthy Hairdressers is made up of Stretching, strengthening and building stamina.

There are muscles we call on in very specific ways to deliver haircuts.  We work these muscled hard day in and day out.  Stretching these muscles properly and well is an important part of keeping up the pace of salon work and meeting haircutting demands.  Pausing throughout the day to stretch properly is important for long term health.  I am building a library of videos to share specific stretching exercises that target the muscles we abuse in haircutting.  These will be stretching exercises you can do in the back room between clients to stay on top of your game.

Building muscle strength in key areas that support haircutting will make long days feel short and longer days bearable.  Shoulders, upper arms and backs are great places to start.  Legs are the support pillars of all day haircutting.  My Insatgram account is already filling with east to do exercises you can perform in the shop between clients.  There is no need to make a trip to the gym to build  the muscle strength required for easy, sustained haircutting.  You do not need a gym full of fancy equipment to work these muscles either.  The goal is not to bulk up.  The goal is to have the power you need when you need it to get the job done.

Cardio vascular endurance or stamina is what you need to go and keep going all day long.  I worked hard to be sure I had the proper conditioning to sustain the demands that were placed on my body for the 24 hour world haircutting record.  The first time I broke that record I was cutting hair through long days and full weeks.  Ten years later I was out of shape for all day cutting.  Stamina building was a key element of my training and  component of my success.  Simply going for a walk can have a positive impact on your stamina.  Stair climbing was my exercise of choice.  For sedentary individuals the positive benefits come fast when you begin to move.

How can I help you?  Haircutting, Business building and wellness are all conversations I will be having in my classes and social spaces.  I look forward to exploring these exciting elements of our industry with you in the coming months in support of Modern salons healthy hairdresser initiative.

Happy Clippering.



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