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It’s All About The Percentage

Patrick McIvor | April 30, 2015 | 8:00 AM
Patrick McIvor, Artistic & techniCulture Director GOLDWELL/KMS California

It’s funny how percentages affect our lives. You can be president of our country with less than 50% off the votes, casinos make millions off just small percentages, and so do Visa and Master Card, and when you play the percentages long term you always win. It’s even funnier to realize how much percentages affect our professional lives.


Percentages of gray affects everything from formulation, percentages of “n,” percentages of oxygen in the developer, and even the line of haircolor used, depending on the percent of gray it can cover and the percent of the color’s overall coverage. Percentages matter in haircolor when highlighting, over 50% of the exposed hair they can be blonde, under 50% they have highlights.


Texturizing is ALL about percentages, in fact the more perpendicular you hold the scissor to the hair the higher percentage of hair you cut. If your scissor blade is perpendicular with the hair and you close the scissor, 100% of the hair inside the 2 blades is cut. Turn the angle of the scissor to be in-line or parallel with the hair, and a much smaller percentage of hair is cut.

89/11, 50/50, 100% ELUMEN


Where percentages really affect us is business. It used to be we were fighting for dollars, now we are fighting for percentages. A few percent increases in retail are proven to be the best way to increase your bottom line and your guest retention. In business, when you fight for percentages dollars happen and happen forever. Think of it this way, fighting to have your guests give you dollars is tougher as your prices go up. But, fighting to save .25% on your device charges for credit charges saves you unlimited money forever.

As a salon owner today, the percentages have to be right to even try to make a profit. And as a stylist, if the salon isn't making a profit at some point there will be a “closed” sign on the door. The cool thing today is almost everyone uses credit cards so it is easier to fight for those percentages.  No matter if you are a mega salon, commission stylist, booth renter or suite stylist, if the percentages aren't right, there are still only 100 pennies in every dollar and if you are already giving it 110%, that ultimately is called charity.

To find out how to increase your percentages, follow Patrick on YouTube for free ideas you can use to build your business, or contact your Goldwell KMS California Distributer and find out when Patrick will be in your area.

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