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May's Healthy Hairdresser Challenge: Take the Pledge to Protect Your Skin!

Lauren Salapatek | April 30, 2015 | 10:07 AM
Photo By Photo By Johntex, 2006/Wikimedia Commons

We all can do a little more to keep our skin healthy. Tell us your plan! Take the May Healthy Hairdresser Challenge presented by Malibu C—Pledge to Protect Your Skin—and promise to make at least one change to take better care of your skin. All who complete the pledge will receive a free full-size Malibu C Antioxidant Wellness Skin Care Remedy.

Ideas for your pledge include:

• Wear gloves when delivering every chemical service.
• Wear sunscreen consistently when outside.
• Improve nutrition.
• Drink more water.
• Apply protective hand moisturizer.
• Get scalp care.
• See a dermatologist for a full-body check
• Or any idea you have!

Go to and fill out the form to finish the statement, “I pledge to take a wellness approach with Total Oxidation Management for the hair, scalp and skin by making this change: ___.” Get the full benefits of the challenge by taking the “How Fast Are You Oxidizing?”quiz at Challenge sponsor Malibu C will send a free full-size Malibu C Antioxidant Wellness Skin Care Remedy to all salon professionals who take the Challenge starting May 1. The deadline is May 31, 2015.


Each winner will either receive the Transparent-C Antioxidant Wellness Skin Remedy or the Matcha Masque Antioxidant Wellness Skin Remedy (or both).

We always want to hear how you’re doing with your goals! Let us know how your pledge improved your skin care and any other way Healthy Hairdresser is helping encourage personal wellness. Email us at: [email protected].


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