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TIGI TEAM SPIRIT: They Hold the Copyright

Anne Moratto | April 30, 2015 | 10:57 AM
TIGI Artistis from left to right are: Kerrie O’Reilly, Christopher Catanese , Maria Carrubba, Warren Boodaghians (behind),Richy Kandasamy, Maria Kovacs, Gen Itoh (behind), Pat Mascolo, Akos Bodi (behind), Anthony Mascolo, Thomas Osborn, Joshua Mascolo, Christel Lundqvist, Philip downing (behind), Marco Iafrate, Renee Valerie, Piero Gentile (behind), John Harte. (photo credit: Mauro Carraro)
Photo By Mauro Carraro

TIGI International Creative Team brings their global brand, Copyright Colour, to hairdressers everywhere, emphasizing strong education and classic technique.

The TIGI International Creative Team

Thomas Osborn- cutting/styling (Creative Director/VP of Education for US)

Richy Kandasamy- color (US Technical Creative Director)

Adriana Papaleo- cutting/styling (US Session Director)

Christopher Catanese- cutting/styling (US Education Director)

Renee Valerie- color (US Technical Education Director)

Mitchel Wilson- cutting/styling (TIGI Learning Lab Creative Director)

Robert Banyaga- color (TIGI Learning Lab Technical Director)   

The teams of TIGI educators and ambassadors around the world focus on four pillars of professional development: color, styling, cutting and business. Their color classes, taught at TIGI Academies in New York, Milan and London and other satellite locations, at the Learning Lab in their Texas headquarters, along with classes taught in salon, on the road and at shows, feature the five-year-old TIGI color line, copyright colour

A group of elite artists, the TIGI International Creative Team (ICT), demonstrate the creative possibilities of TIGI copyright colour, a full range of intermixable shades, to hairdressers everywhere. They also conceive and create the curriculum and the image collections. Ricky Kandasamy, the Technical Color Director for TIGI, and Thomas Osborn, Creative Director and Vice President of Education, US, are introducing a relatively new color line through education.  

Kandasamy started with Tony & Guy in 2000 in Italy. “I was an assistant in a salon, first, and became an educator. Since then, there has never been a dull moment.” He compares what can be achieved with the combination of education and copyright colour to the evolution of technology, like the iPhone. “You start with one design but it just keeps getting better. When you have a fundamental knowledge of color and are technically strong, you can do anything.”

Classes are offered in the classic principles of color, as well as color correction, transition color, creative cut and color and creative consultation.

“Some hairdressers will get excited in a class but they say that when they go back they will never use the techniques in the salon. That says they don’t have the knowledge to educate their client to change and that is why the consultation is so important. It’s about being the professional and assessing hair, eyes and skin tone and telling your client what will best suit them.”

Osborn has experienced many changes since he started with Tony & Guy 26 years ago and he considers the present to be the most exciting time, so far. “There is so much synergy throughout the company, it’s going to take us to a whole new level. The education we’ve had at the academies is of the highest quality but the field education wasn’t always as strong. Everything under the TIGI umbrella should be consistent and exceptional and we’re making sure it is, across the board.

“When we teach copyright colour classes, we are educating hairdressers with varying levels of experience and they work with many different color lines. If they came to us for education and all they learned was formulation that could turn them off, so we try to inspire them with placement and technique instruction. When we get them in a workshop and they start experimenting, they see the color options are limitless.”

The ICT travels extensively and all the time. They meet with Anthony Mascolo, TIGI Founder and International Artistic Director, to determine tone and direction for their collections. “We think about the ideas we want to forecast and project and decide who is shooting what and when,” says Osborn. “We all bring in tear sheets of things that are inspiring and motivating us and almost every time we do this, you see a theme emerge and see that we’re all headed in a similar direction.”

 New shades will be launched and the TIGI Masterbrand Collection will be revealed at the TIGI World Release 2015 in Las Vegas, August 24 and 25.


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