Beth Minardi on Lightening Asian Hair

Elizabeth Jakaitis | April 30, 2015 | 12:13 PM
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“When highlighting around the face, the stronger the angle, the more pop you will see.”—Beth Minardi

Though the density and texture of Asian hair can oftentimes be difficult to lift, with the right combination of product and patience, the haircolor can pop.


Beth Minardi is known for her knowledge and skill as a master colorist who can work her formulation magic on any client with any brand of hair color. For this challenge of lifting a densely textured Asian model, she chose to use a combination of her own Signature Haircolor and Joico’s VeroLight Powder Lightener.


Minardi acknowledges that this type of hair scares many colorists. “This requires correct product and patience,” she says. Although most colorists would think to grab 40-volume developer, Minardi says it is not necessary.


“Think of this hair as rope. It’s dense, coarse. Texture must be taken into consideration. Be prepared to wait while the hair processes. What takes moments on some hair may take one hour on Asian hair.”


For this look Minardi created multi-dimensional lights with what she describes as “cherry cola” coming from underneath with tan around the face. ”The body of the hair remains the same with what I call ‘color shots’ coming from within,” she says.


For shape, Minardi was thrilled with the long-layered cut created by Stephen Wang. “The color doesn’t really sing unless it is accented with contrast,” she says. “When coloring this shape, make sure to follow the line of the cut. The stronger the angle by the face, the stronger the pop. The whole fi nish is a marriage of the ’60s with today. I feel like we are channeling Jackie O!”


Haircolor: Beth Minardi

Haircut and style: Steven Wang, assisted by Karen Florencio

Photography: Roberto Ligresti

Makeup: Sylvia Pichler

Fashion styling: Rod Novoa, assisted by Dennis Pinto

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