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Patthairn Color Technique How-To

Elizabeth Jakaitis | May 11, 2015 | 10:11 AM

Inspired by Italian ultra-modern textile prints with floral and geometric patterns, The Patthairn Collection by Ginger Boyle, owner and master stylist at Planet Salon, celebrates a woman’s uniqueness via creating stunning yet elegant and artful designs in hair. This technique joins a solid circular section with soft petal shapes, creating a look for those clients who like to be noticed.


Natural level 6, dark blonde

Formula 1: 1 oz Alfaparf Evolution of the Color³ 6.66I Dark Intense Red Blonde with 1½ oz Oxid’o 20-volume creme developer

Formula 2: 1 oz Evolution of the Color³ 8.4 Light Copper Blonde with 1½ oz Oxid’o 30-volume creme developer

1. Create a circle on the top of the head. The diameter of the circle depends on the amount and texture of hair, as well as the size of the head. The farther back the circle, the more of an effect you will see in the fringe. The closer to the front of the hairline, the less of an effect you will see in the fringe.

2. Using the circle as your focal point, start creating the first petal section, making sure to incorporate the front hairline. Use the line going through the center of the nose as your guide.

3. Continue with the second and third petal on either side of the first petal. Use the middle of the eyes as your guide.

4. Create the fourth and fifth petals, again on both sides of the head. Use the line in front of the ears as your guide: 1½ inches off the hairline.

5. Continue creating a petal in the back. Make sure to incorporate the occipital area. Join this section with the front petals, creating two more petals with the same distance.

6. Apply Formula 1 to hair in lower back section, under the petals. Cover with foils to separate.

7. Apply Formula 2 to all the petals, using foils to separate them. Then apply Formula 1 to the circle on top of the head and to all the remaining hair. Process for 35 minutes.

Hair: Ginger Boyle for Alfaparf Milano
Photography: Robert Lynden

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