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Matrix Color How-To: High Lift, Damage-Free Blonde

Elizabeth Jakaitis | May 11, 2015 | 1:06 PM

Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas describes his technique for achieving a high lift blonde without damaging the hair.

“LightInsider lets me do an on-scalp application, and it’s perfect for double-processed blondes,” Papanikolas says. “The goal for stylists who want to achieve this color should be to get the necessary levels of lift without compromising the hair.”


Natural level 7, dark blonde with regrowth, and pre-lightened midlengths and ends

Formula 1: One sachet Matrix LightInsider Lightening Booster Powder + 3 oz 20-volume ColorInsider Oil-Cream Developer + 1 tube LightInsider Lightening Conditioning Cream

Formula 2: 1 oz Color Sync 10P + 1 oz Color Sync 8P + 2 oz 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer

Formula 3: 2 oz Color Sync SPV + 2 oz 10-volume Matrix Cream Developer

1. Section the hair into even quadrants. Apply Formula 1 to the regrowth, using fine horizontal sub-sections. To ensure even coverage, cross-check by taking vertical sections. Process at room temperature to a level 10 pale yellow, or for up to 50 minutes. Rinse, cleanse and towel dry.

2. Take a zigzag parting around the parietal ridge and secure. This is Section 1. At the bottom point of each zigzag, create a diamond. These diamonds are Section 2. The remaining hair below parietal is Section 3. Starting in Section 2, take a 1/8-inch diagonal slice on the lower front side of diamond, and place it on foil. Apply Formula 2 from scalp to ends. Work on a diagonal until complete, then repeat on left side.

3. Return to the right side and repeat the process in the next sub-section. Then repeat on left side. Continue until all diamond sections are complete.

4. Then apply Formula 3 to all the remaining hair. Process 20 minutes or until desired result is achieved. Rinse, cleanse and condition.

Haircolor: Derrick Rutherford
Styling: Jamie Stevens
Makeup: Maud Laceppe
Photography: Benjamin Lennox


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