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Amber-Wheat Blonde Lakme Color How-To

Elizabeth Jakaitis | May 11, 2015 | 1:16 PM

Lakme Team Member Ashley Feht presents a warm blonde tone to contrast the cool blondes of winter.

“I have an on/off relationship with ombre, but whether I love it or hate it, I can’t deny that it has revolutionized the way we think about haircolor and its application,” Feht says. “We’re no longer restricted to defined color placement. Instead, we’re liberated to think outside the foil and embrace freeform color. As we approach summer, this dimensional amber-wheat blonde is a lovely update on an icy winter ombre. It’s done completely freeform.”


Natural level 8

Formula 1: 30 g Lakme Gloss 7/30 with 60 g Gloss Developing Emulsion Long Lasting

Formula 2: 15 g 10/30 with 30 g Gloss Developing Emulsion Long Lasting

Formula 3: ½ scoop Lakme Kblonde decolorizer with 25 g Collage Hyrdox 20-volume developer

Formula 4: 15 g 10/22 + 15 g 10/30 with 60 g Gloss Developing Emulsion Long Lasting

1. Starting at nape, take diagonal-back sections and apply Formula 1 to the base area. As you work up through all the hair, alternate between ½-inch to 1-inch root coverage.

2. Return to the nape and alternate Formulas 1 and 3 in a freeform pattern, painting them on throughout the head.

3. Choose sections of varying sizes and paint Formula 2 directly over the colored hair.

4. Meld Formula 1 into the bottom 1-2 inches of hair. Process for 35 minutes.

5. Rinse and shampoo, then apply Formula 4 to damp hair. Process for 5-7 minutes.

Hair: Ashley Feht
Makeup: Cristi Miranda
Photography: Victoria Miller


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