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Eufora Color How-To: Cool Ash Blonde with Movement

Elizabeth Jakaitis | May 11, 2015 | 1:30 PM

Eufora Color Trainer Peter Brokt created a cool blonde with movement and dimension.

“Taking a cue from spring runway trends, we added cool ash tones with soft transitional lines to create dimensional movement with flashes of color within the hair,” Brokt says. “It is a modern statement that accessorizes any fashion texture or pattern.”


Natural level 8

Formula 1: Eufora AloeLite Blue Bleaching Pods with 20-volume EuforaColor Universal Cream Developer, in a 1:1 ratio

Formula 2: Mix equal parts of No Ammonia 10.12/10AV and Clear Shine Dilute with 7-volume EuforaColor Universal Cream Developer in a 1:2 ratio

1. Start 1½-2 inches from the front hairline along the natural part. Then section out the crown area and clip it aside. Next, create vertical partings at center ear to the front natural part, and from the center back to the center of the ear. This will create four working sections.

2. In the back left, create three diagonal subsections. Starting with the bottom section, use a balayage board and create a “W” pattern using Formula 1. Paint toward the ends, saturating the ends only. Next, take the blending brush or a clean tint brush and lightly sweep and blend the “W” upward against the cuticle. Repeat same steps on the next two sections; cover each section with cellophane. Repeat same steps on back-right side.

3. If the natural part does not fall in the middle, start with the lighter side. Create a 1-inch wide triangular parting on a diagonal above the ear. Using Formula 1, create the “W” pattern with the flashing technique and work throughout both front sections. Bring the “W” pattern closer to hairline in front.

4. Now unclip the top section. In the occipital area, carve out a large 1½-inch subsection and continue using the flashing technique. Then create zigzag partings every 1½ inches up. As you work upward, utilize the peaks and valleys of this section for product placement and reduce the triangular sections. Cover each section with cellophane. Process to the desired lightness; rinse and shampoo.

5. Apply Formula 2 from the root area to 2 inches from the scalp. Work through the hair. Then extend Formula 2 through to the ends. Process for 20 minutes; rinse, shampoo and condition.

Hair: Eufora Color Trainers
Color: Peter Brokt
Cut: Connie Kecskes
Styling: Mirza Batanovic
Makeup: Brittany Anderson
Photography: Nikola Milosavljevic


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