DevaCurl Offers CURL EXPERT Certification Program!

Maggie Mulhern | May 14, 2015 | 5:24 AM
Caleb Ellis breaks down a cut.
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Learning to hold shears properly for a curly cut.
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Initial training in the DevaCurl theater.
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Shari Harbinger leads a technical class.
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Isabella Vazquez works with an attendee on a mannequin head.
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Shari Harbinger leads a class.
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Hands on instruction at the DevaCurl Certification program.
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THE EVENT: The Level 3 DevaCurl Certification Program, held at the DevaCurl Academy, NYC.

Registration is still available on a monthly basis. Sign up now!

THE DETAILS:  18 professional hairdressers from around the United States came to the DEVACURL Academy to attend the intense 2 day DevaCurl Certification Program with the goal to become a Deva Certified Curl Specialist. The program offers the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and technical skills. Day one begins with a practical review of the patented, advanced techniques and a hands-on workshop studying the skills used by the Devacurl experts. Attendees follow the 15 page manual (via an IPAD) that includes topics such as DevaCurl Signature Cutting, Head Shape Overview, The Signature Waterfall, The Deva Bob, Pintura Highlighting Technique and the DevaCurl Glossary. Day 2 is spent refining and reviewing Devacurl techniques while working with the DevaCurl team before the actual technical evaluation and assessment.

WHO MAY ATTEND: Once an aspiring curl expert has achieved the Deva Advanced designation through the level 2 course, he or she is eligible for enrollment in this Certification Program at one of the academies in New York or Los Angeles. The artist will have the opportunity to demonstrate expertise and technical skill set and upon completion and passing performance, will automatically become a Deva Certified Curl Specialist.

THE EDUCATORS: Key DevaCurl educators were everywhere, guiding the pros in their quest for curl expertise. Shari Harbinger, VP Salon Education for DevaCurl; Molly Owen, VP Field Education for DevaCurl; Isabella Vazquez, Artistic Director for DevaCurl and Caleb Ellis, Technical Training Manager for DevaCurl worked side by side with the attendees as they mastered their skills and put their skills to the test on mannequin heads.

WHAT CERTIFIED ARTISTS EARN: In addition to the intense training and deeper understanding of the fundamentals of cutting, coloring and styling curly hair, artists certified at the end of the program earn a personalized Deva Certified diploma and an elevated status on the Stylist Finder.

THE NEXT ONE: The DevaCurl Certification Progam will be offered once a month at either the NYC headquarters or the West Coast location in Los Angeles. (FIND A CLASS!).

THE LAST WORD: “There’s more than one way to cut curly hair,” says Shari Harbinger. “It’s about visual observation and intuition, and the best results come from a combination of intuition and technical skill. The Deva certification, unlike other programs, is based on performance after taking our other programs and demonstrates a whole new level of expertise."  Adds Wafaya Abdallah of Oasis Hair Salon, Rockville, Maryland. Learning these advanced techniques and getting certified "gives you credibility. It's learning the technique and to not be afraid to be visual and intuitive and allowing yourself to be creative with a haircut." Robin Sjoblom of Fuzion Hair Studio, Smyrna, Georgia, says that getting certified is "Taking it to the next level. It's not just doing hair. I am doing this for my clients as well as for myself."


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