2 Tips for Perfect Color Results

Maggie Mulhern | May 22, 2015 | 6:01 AM

Color Master John Simpson has generated a lot of buzz with MODERN's May 2015 cover, a beautiful, shiny, vibrant and saturated red that has all the luster and coverage every colorist wants to offer to his or her client. In these two very short videos (each less than one minute), Simpson shares tips on how to maximize every color service.

The formula, all Goldwell Color, can be found in the steps below:

  1. Begin with sectioning. Create a diamond section on top from fringe to crown. This will be the “background.” Then create three design sections with deep zig-zag sections connecting to the diamond, from fringe to crown on both sides and crown to crown in the back. Isolate all sections.

  2. Apply color to the new growth, all below the isolated top section. Formula: 40 ml [email protected] (6 level natural copper for gray coverage) with 40 ml 10-volume developer. Apply in fine horizontal sections.

  3. Continue to apply color from the mids to ends, all below the isolated areas: 30 ml [email protected] + 10 ml [email protected] with 40 ml 20-volume developer.

  4. Now go into the isolated design sections. Take horizontal slices for a back-to-back foil application

  5. Move to the side back. Tap in base color (40 ml [email protected] with 40 ml 10-volume developer)

  6. Blend down in horizontal slices. To the lengths the outside of the V apply 30 ml [email protected] with 30 ml 20 volume. Cover with foil (do not fold).

  7. Diffuse in accent color in a V-shape through lengths to ends using 20 ml [email protected] with 20 ml 20 volume.

  8. Now move to the top diamond. Apply the base shade used in step five. Saturate from roots to ends.

  9. Process 30 minutes. Shampoo and condition.


Color: Elumenated Naturals in Topchic Shears: Hikari

Shampoo and Conditioners: Color Fade Stop Shampoo, Color Detangling Conditioner, Color Lock Serum, all Goldwell Dualsenses.

Stylers: Double Boost Root Lift Spray, Hot Form Styling Lotion, Sleek Perfection Thermal Spray, Big Finish Volume Spray, Naturally Full Blowdry & Finishing Spray, all Goldwell StyleSign



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