Peak Beard Theory: The How and Why of Beard Oil

Anne Moratto | May 22, 2015 | 12:25 PM

Beards aren't back---they never went anywhere--they are just getting their fifteen minutes of well-deserved hairy fame.   From 'Fear the Beard' to Lumbersexual, there are many styling movements that men can attach to and when they start growing their gruff, they're going to look on trend.  A well-groomed beard can benefit from beard oil to keep both skin and hair in shape.

Seth Wiley of Peak Beard Theory, started making his own beard oil during his time off between working as a director on television and in commercials. 

"I made a few test batches and then I would literally approach bearded strangers and ask them to sniff from bottle A and bottle B and tell me which they liked," says Wiley. "I settled on a formula and scaled up production and started hooking up my bearded friends with my oil. The first one's free, but then they come back for more. They always come back for more. It's absolutely the old-time illegal drug pusher business model and bearded people totally get hooked. I can't speak to the chemistry of beard oil, but I do see a clear benefit from using it. Beard hair tends to split pretty quickly the longer it grows, which is a horrible look. If you're growing a big beard, it's a good idea to protect yourself against split ends and, just as bad, beard dandruff. This is how beards got a bad rap in the first place -- guys with fuzzy beards and dry skin flaking all over their dark shirts. A beard that's had oil applied to it compared to one that hasn't is absolutely night and day different -- it instantly feels softer and looks cleaner, shinier. The Jojoba and Vitamin E in our beard oil solve split end and beard dryness  problems so you get all the length you want, but still present yourself like a groomed and responsible person who can contribute meaningfully to society."

At Southpaw LA, a men's salon in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, Stefano Lima, a Southpaw stylist who has been featured on NBC Today Show as a "Beard Expert" says, "Beard Hair tends to be coarse and dry in texture, causing dullness and breakage when growing out. Beard Oil hydrates and treats the follicles which helps prevent splitting and gives a natural, healthy luster to the beard."





- Seth Wiley, Peak Beard Theory. Los Angeles.

Peak Beard Theory, Coronado edition. Handcrafted in LA, all sustainable CA oils


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