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Spring Makeover by Dominique DeFrancesco

Sarah Mazur | June 2, 2015 | 8:14 AM

Some clients want the same thing every time they visit, but when used over and over again, the same style can get old very quickly. With just a small change, clients can have a fabulous new 'do that brings life back into their hair.

“As a colorist, we ask what keeps our guests coming back and what we can offer new for each season, subtle or big changes. But, many clients are not receptive to change, so I took my brown cover gray single process and set a plan for her next visit. This guest presented several pictures, and I suggested what would work best and explained the process for the next time she came in,” explains Dominique DeFrancesco, De La Mer Salon in Bellmore, NY. DeFrancesco combined a classic half foiled highlight with hair painting to update the look and brighten her face using Goldwell products.


Products used:

Detail A: Goldwell Oxycur Platin 1 scoop to 35 mls of 10 volume

Detail B: Background Goldwell Topchic 3 parts 5nn 1 part 6mb 1 part 5na

Detail C: Goldwell Oxycur Platin 1 scoop to 35 mls of Topchic 30 volume

Detail D: Goldwell Colorance 15 mls of 6N 10 mls 7BG 5 mls 7NA 60 mls of Colorance Lotion

Detail E: Goldwell Colorance 15 mls 7BG 15 mls 7NA 60 mls Goldwell Colorance Lotion


Steps to a Spring Makeover:

STEP 1: Apply a classic foiled highlight pattern, taking micro-fine weaves with Detail A, then apply background re-touch with Detail B.

STEP 2: Begin hair painting starting in the back section with Detail C, moving to the front two quads. 

STEP 3: For more brightness around the face, backcomb the hair left out between the foils and paint with Detail C. Let everything process for a total of 35 minutes.

STEP 4: Once shampooed, apply Detail D to the root in a teardrop section and then apply Detail E from mids to ends. Process for 15 minutes, rinse and condition.

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