Fresh Color on Copper Curls

Maggie Mulhern | June 3, 2015 | 5:11 AM

Rachael Urrico (Rachael_devacurl) of the Devachan Salon in NYC, specializes in curls, color and the DevaCurl Pintura Coloring technique. Here, she got to put all of her expertise to work on one head of hair.

"This client was looking for an even vibrant red," Rachael says. "She arrived with three different shades and a dark band directly around the mid shaft of her hair. The re-growth is a natural level 7, mids were darker red and the ends were an oxidized copper."

How-to: Fresh color on copper curls

Step 1: Begin with a base color at the root. Apply Aloxxi Color Chroma: 1 tube 7N, 1/2 tube 7RK, 1/4 6RK, 1/4 6RG, all blended with 20 volume developer.

Step 2: While processing, apply L'Oreal Majimeche with 40 volume developer to the darker mid shaft only. Color is applied section by section.

Step 3: Process for 25 minutes and then shampoo. Dry to 50 percent.

Step 4: Apply to her mid shaft Aloxxi Chroma 3/4 7RK, 1/2 7RG and a drop of K concentrate, all blended with 20 volume developer.

Step 5: On the ends, apply Aloxxi Chroma 1/2 7RK, 1/4 7RG, 1/4 8N with 15 volume developer.

Step 6: Process for 20 minutes. Shampoo and condition.

The hair was styled with DevaCurl Light Defining Gel.


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