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Repêchage Hosts 17th Annual International Conference for Salon & Spa Professionals

Elizabeth Jakaitis | June 4, 2015 | 8:34 AM
Repêchage CEO & Founder Lydia Sarfati and Repêchage Chief Operating Officer David Sarfati

Repêchage CEO and Founder Lydia Sarfati welcomed over 135 skincare and spa professionals from across the country as well as from Korea, Trinidad, the Dominican Republic, Romania, the United Kingdom, Italy and Curacao to the 17th Annual International Conference for Salon & Spa Professionals. Guests gathered at this year’s NYC Conference to hear both science and medical experts speak, as well as to be part of the launch of the new Repêchage Hydra 4 Red‐Out Facial and at-home products, the Repêchage Mineral Face Shield, and annual Repêchage President’s Awards.

To kick off the event, Charles Yarish, Ph.D., professor at the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Connecticut, took the podium to present “The Science of Seaweed.” Yarish was recently appointed to the Repêchage Board of Directors for 2015, and heads one of the leading seaweed science laboratories in the world dedicated to seaweed research and aquaculture. Dr. Yarish shared with guests the many different facets of seaweed – from cultivation to its use, food, fertilizers and most relevant to Conference guests: cosmetics. Dr. Yarish specifically delineated the anti‐wrinkling, anti‐aging and skin regeneration characteristics of specific seaweeds, including Laminaria Digitata and Ascophyllum Nodosum, the two seaweeds predominantly used in Repêchage Professional Skin Care.

Next to take the podium was Karl Richter, partner of Bio‐Gate AG, Germany, for his presentation “Micro Silver: A Newly Patented Ingredient for Dermatological Skin Care.” Richter presented information on Micro Silver, a new found ingredient that Repêchage will be utilizing in the new Repêchage Red‐Out Facial and at‐home products. Specifically, Richter spoke on the science behind Micro Silver and its benefits in skincare and cosmetics, including its antimicrobial action and ability to fight harmful bacteria that can cause inflammation, skin irritations and blemishes. Repêchage will be the first professional skin care company in the United States to utilize this new ingredient in Repêchage Hydra 4 Red‐Out Facial with Micro Silver and Anti‐Oxidants and at‐home products for hypersensitive skin and rosacea.

Dr. Samuel Shatkin presents on the causes of Rosacea and the results of his recent clinical study

Before the official introduction of Repêchage Red‐Out, Dr. Samuel Shatkin, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgery and owner of the Aesthetic Associate Centre for Plastic Surgery and Advanced Medical Skin Care in Buffalo, took the stage. In his presentation, “Rosacea – Causes and Solutions,” Dr. Shatkin discussed the medical findings of what causes this skin condition and solutions for those who suffer from rosacea – a skin condition seen in 16 million people in the US and 45 million people worldwide, according to the Rosacea Society. Dr. Shatkin also reported on his recent clinical study of rosacea patients in his Buffalo, NY practice, revealing dramatic reduction of rosacea symptoms in before and after photographs.

Repêchage Hydra 4 Red‐Out Facial and at‐home products, Hydra 4 Red‐Out Calming Cleanser and Red‐Out Serum

Immediately following was the official premiere of Repêchage Hydra 4 Red‐Out for event attendees, along with the debut of Repêchage Mineral Face Shield. Repêchage CEO & Founder Lydia Sarfati shared with guests the research behind Repêchage Hydra 4 Red‐Out Facial and Repêchage Hydra 4 Red‐Out Calming Cleanser and Red‐Out Serum. As Sarfati stated, “This new facial, as well as the two patent‐pending at‐home products, offer real and immediate help to people with all types of skin who suffer from Rosacea and hypersensitivity. In recent trials, 99% of patients saw visible difference in their skin after one Hydra 4 Red‐Out Facial, while 89% saw smoother skin after using the Hydra 4 Red‐Out Serum for 28 days.”

Sarfati also introduced the much‐anticipated new Repêchage Mineral Face Shield to the enthusiastic audience. This new cream, explained Sarfati, has a luxurious, soufflé‐like texture, providing important anti‐oxidant protection through‐out the day while imparting a flawless, air‐brushed finish.

After a brief break, Dr. Patrick Fratellone took the stage for “The Heart & the Whole Body Connection.” Fratellone presented to guests his insights as a well‐known cardiologist and internist who practices integrative medicine. Dr. Fratellone explained the benefits of a well‐balanced life that included exercise, mediation and good self‐esteem while eliminating unhealthy food choices.

For the last portion of the event, Lydia Sarfati presented the President’s Awards, given in various categories to an establishment or person that demonstrates esthetic excellence as well as dedication to the elevation of the industry.

Dr. Samuel Shatkin and Joni Shatkin of Trés Auraé Spa in Buffalo, NY were awarded the Trendsetter of the Year award.

Dr. Samuel and Joni Shatkin accepting the Trendsetter of the Year award from Lydia and David Sarfati

The President's Award for Rising Star went to Paige Beckman of MassageLuXe FaceLuXe.

Paige Beckman of MassageLuXe FaceLuXe accepting her Rising Star award

Citing the distributor’s 90% plus increase in sales during the last year, the President’s Award for Distributor of the Year went to Prestige Cosmetic Korea. Lydia and David Sarfati warmly greeted Prestige Cosmetic representative Jason Shin.

Jason Shin of Prestige Cosmetic Korea accepting the Distributor of the Year award

The following day, on May 19, 2015, attendees gathered at the Repêchage Headquarters in Secaucus, NJ for a Hands‐On Workshop. Under the instruction of Repêchage Global Education Leader, Lauren Streeter and Corporate Educator, Natalie Otto, guests spent a full day learning further about rosacea and hypersensitive skin treatment with the new Repêchage Hydra 4 Red‐Out Facial and at‐home products.

Day 2 of Back to the Source ‐ Attendees from the Hands‐On Work Shop at the Lydia Sarfati Post Graduate Skincare Academy at the Repêchage Headquarter in New Jersey

With the ability to learn from one another and working together, Repêchage will continue to offer clients opportunities to increase their knowledge and provide them with the tools they need to achieve success.

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