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Formula: Blueberry-Grape Color Swirl

Lauren Quick | June 5, 2015 | 6:58 AM

Anastasia Amico, artistic color director for John Amicorecently taught a class at Heidi's Salon and Spa, Warrenville, Illinois, on a color technique called color swirling. 

"Color swirling is a fast and easy technique to create dimension and can be used with any combination of colors," Amico says. "It works great with artistic colors as well as classic chestnuts and caramels."

Amico chose complementary purple and blue hues for her class model. Formula below!

Formula: Blueberry-Grape Color Swirl

Base: John Amico Cupcake Grape + 20 volume in 1:1.5 ratio

Swirls: John Amico Cupcake in Blueberry, Plum and Sugar + 10 volume each in 1:1 ratio

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