TRANSFORMATION: Sombre Perfection

Maggie Mulhern | June 13, 2015 | 6:47 AM
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Haley Ferreira (@mermaidhairs) of Cutting Loose Salon in Sarasota, Florida, is also a National Educator for John Paul Mitchell Systems. She has been working with this client for several months, tweaking her color on each visit.


"With her natural level 3 I lifted her base with Paul Mitchell The Color 5NA=7NA and 30 volume with 2 blue color shots for easy maintenance. I then hand painted pieces throughout including thick singles in the front, to achieve a sun kissed look. Doubles were used in the back to cover more ground while adding more energy using Sunlights with 30 volume developer. The hair was toned with PMShines 9BV 9V for a beautiful cool tone."


STEP 1: Address her level 3 new growth with Paul Mitchell The Color 5NA=7NA, blended with 30 volume and 2 blue shots.

STEP 2: Lowlight with PM Shines XG 8N with 5 volume to add depth. Balayage highlight with Sunlights with 30 volume developer.

STEP 3: Tone the unwanted yellow tones out the hair with PM Shinds XG 9V.



STEP 1: Address her level 3 new growth with Paul Mitchell The Color, 5NA=7NA, 30 volume with 3 blue color shots.

STEP 2: Hand paint pieces throughout with Sunlights and 30 volume developer. Paint single pieces in the front for a more lived in and brighter effect around the face and play with doubles in the back for much more energy.

STEP 3: Process for 35 minutes. Shampoo and condition the hair.

STEP 4: Top coat with Paul Mitchell’s PMShines 9BV=9V to achieve a beautiful cool tone throughout. "This will also restore protein and add tons of shine throughout."

"Sombres and ombres allow our guests to have a lived in look. Personally I would much rather have more sombre guests and have each one come in less for touch ups than a traditional 4 week gray touch up. Two reasons:

1 - I love creating sombres because they are beautiful, so natural, so sexy, so lived in. 

2 - A sombre design makes the guest happy!  Most guests don’t want to come in every 4 weeks, especially college students and business professionals. I have my sombre and ombre guests come in for a touch up every 6-8 weeks (giving them 2-4 more weeks of easier maintenance and time less spent at the salon).



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