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When we posted this story last week, we never expected quite the reaction it created. Bottom line, three artists came to the rescue of a young woman who experienced a haircut and color she was unhappy with at a different salon.

Many of the more than 900 comments posted on our Facebook page were shocked and appalled at the "before" shot; many were in disbelief that a professional salon would allow the client to even walk out the door that way, many of you believe she did it herself, and many of you do not even believe it is the same person in the before and after shots. Several of you even posted some of your own “before” shots of clients coming in from other unfortunate haircuts.

Truly, this has been amazing. If you haven't read the article, it is worth it to take look at the story itself AND the comments.

We want to share with you some of our favorite reactions and give you a follow up to the post.

First and foremost...


[email protected]

Hello, I am the girl in these pictures who went through this hair fiasco. I just wanted to let you know that I DID let the original stylist know that I was not happy with the way it turned out ,and I begged him to fix it. His solution was to cut the chopped front pieces even shorter to try & make it blend as he obviously had messed up cutting off the dead ends that he over-fried to death and continued to tell me why it looked fine because it was "layers" mother was with me and also gave me a ration of shxx about how it looked fine. So I felt desperate and compelled to reach out to a group of girls who might understand how I felt and was genuinely seeking their opinion to see whether or not I was crazy...did it actually look as bad as I thought? The verdict: yes. So bad that hundreds of girls replied to my post offering to help. And my posting was not to garner free services from anyone. Caroline & Breanne offered that out of the kindness of their hearts. All I asked in my post was if anyone knew of any good stylists in my area who specialized in fixing botched cuts.


Carolyn Land: I know this girl. Her mother paid for her to have her hair cut from her stylist as a present. She was guilted and even felt worse bc her mother was saying she was ungrateful. It was a gentleman that cuts her mothers hair. It was not a set up. It was a horrific salon experience and graciously people pitched in and saved her hair!


Breanna Little: Thank you beyond words Modern Salon for giving us this lovely feature! We are just blown away by all the positive feed back from everyone on our makeover! I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to not only help this young woman but be able to do it with such a creative team in one of the most creative environments I've been in so far in my career! Thank you to David and Alexis at butterfly loft salon for creating a place where we can strive to be the best stylists we possibly can!



Kim Lubas: Who are these stylists that are doing this awful work to people? Kudos to the artist that teamed up to fix the mess! Ok... something needs to happen in our INDUSTRY! 40 hours of education should be required by every state to keep a license. At least this might get rid of the people doing this to a person. Our industry needs to do something! I do want to be a part of some type of movement to keep us PROFESSIONAL!

Marcella Castillo: Did [he] cut her hair with garden shears?

Ragon Evans: She has more layers in her hair than a cake!!

Hazee Campbell: Wow. What a hack job (literally).

Paula Banks Loeffler: Looks like they opted for the weed-whacked look!

Ashley Taylormade Taylor: Did they use a lawnmower?

Clare Fanthome: Looks like it's been cut with a knife & fork . DIY I'm sure.

Kimberley Christy: Omg what did they cut hair with chopsticks ?

Lexie Myers Buchanan I seriously got this at a salon:


Lisa Levally Evans: Some of these comments have me rolling, funny. Hairdressers do have slightly warped, but great sense of humor. That being said, nice finish to that hot mess.

WE AGREE!  Congrats to the rescue team from Butterfly Loft Salon and Spa (@butterflyloftsalon) in Los Angeles:

Caroline Guiney (@caroline_anythingbutbasic), Breanna Little (@breanna_anythingbutbasic) and Melanie Prescott (@melanie_anythingbutbasic)

See the original story of this dramatic transformation:


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