TRANSFORMATION: Super Cool Icy Blonde

Maggie Mulhern | June 17, 2015 | 12:35 PM
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"This client went to someone else originally and he never understood what she wanted," says Marcus Byerly (@marcusbyerly) of Studio 135, Knoxville, Tennessee. "She wants to be a super cool icy blonde. However, in the past, her color has always come out brassy."

Byerly knew he could get her there but it would take more than one session. Here he shares the HOW TO:


STEP 1: Apply a full foil weave using Redken Flash Lift + 30 volume (1:1 ratio.)

STEP 2: Process for 30 minutes at room temperature.

STEP 3: Tone in between the foils with Redken Shades EQ 8v + 9n, equal parts, with processing solution.


STEP 1: Place back to back slices, carefully weaving out the platinum pieces done in the 1st session. Apply Redken Flash Lift with 20 and 30 volume depending on your speed.

STEP 2: Process for 35 minutes at room temperature. 

STEP 3: Tone with Redken Shades EQ 1/2oz 09V + 1/2oz 09T + 1oz 000 Crystal clear + 2 oz processing solution. Process 5 minutes and rinse.

"She was treated with Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus at both sessions. That is why her hair was able to lift so light with no breakage."

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