MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Seamless Blonde Colormelt

Maggie Mulhern | June 23, 2015 | 7:27 AM

Melissa Joyce (, an artist at Studio B Hairdesign, Cronulla, Sydney, Australia, is "all about beautiful hair, seamless blends and colormelts. I love doing amazing transformations on a daily basis."

We found one that we love and asked Joyce to share the details on her natural level 6 client:
"My client Tanya had a very dull, drab color. At previous salons they had alternated between doing a tint or a half head of foils. She had a lot of bleeding in the underneath sections of her hair. Her hair was in pretty good condition but I still wanted to use Olaplex so I could push those boundaries a little to try and get her a beautiful clean blonde. My goal was to achieve a seamless colormelt."

Here Joyce shares the HOW TO, using all Lakme color:

STEP 1: Apply babylights of powder bleach with 10 volume developer through part, crown and around the face.

STEP 2: Lift the root area with 8.17 and 30 volume on her blonde areas right near the roots. Comb down with 8.20 and 10 volume developer.

STEP 3: To the mids and ends apply powder bleach with 30 volume (blended with Olaplex.)

STEP 4: Process for 30 minutes. Shampoo and towel dry.

STEP 5: Tone with equal parts 10.00, 10.22 and Pearl with 10 volume developer.



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