DJ Victory Turns 3 Clients into “Glamour Grams,” Proving There’s No Such Thing as “Age Appropriate”

Elizabeth Jakaitis | June 29, 2015 | 8:59 AM
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If you follow MODERN on social, chances are you’ve seen the name DJ Victory, owner of Enzos Salon & Spa in Ohio. She’s known for sporting beautiful pastels in her own hair and for creating avant garde color finishes and inspiring formulas for her editorial photoshoots.

“Well, I’m turning 40 this year,” she says. “When did this happen? The vanity that once held a lone tube of drugstore lip gloss and an over-the-counter moisturizer has morphed into a mountain of products all containing the words ‘tighten,’ ‘firm,’ ‘lift’ and, especially, ‘erase.’ The struggle to age gracefully is real and is currently taking up residence in my household.”

“Do these three parade pastel hair all of the time? No. Do they strut into the grocery store in stilettos? No. Are they rocking white jumpsuits after Labor Day? Well, maybe that gets a ‘yes’; you never know about these three.”

As she grappled with the inevitable aging process, she tried to imagine her older self. “What will I dress like in 10, 20, 30 years? What color will my hair be?” she says. “I’ve been inspired to fight the fight while embracing the imminent. Truth be told, we all fight the fight in different ways; some for others to see, some not so much.”

Inspired by a premonition of her future self, she invited three of her favorite mature clients and plopped them directly into today’s selfie-taking, bold-hair pop culture, to prove that mature clients can sport looks with an edge.

“Society tells us that when we reach the ripe old age of 40 we should start going shorter with our hair. Pretty sure last time I checked the only thing you need to start doing at 40 is get mammograms.” —DJ Victory

Using a combination of Pravana Vivids and Paul Mitchell Ink Works, Victory transformed her clients to their absolute delight.

So while she’s still unhappy about turning 40 this year, she promises to never give in to society’s pressures of the aging process. “Beauty and youth are not synonymous,” she says. “I’m not cutting my hair anytime soon! Are you listening 40? I’m talking to you when I say you can knock all you want but I will not answer. To all of the 50-year-olds that think those True Religion jeans make your butt look good, buy them. If you’re reaching your 60s and you want to rock a pair of sassy Louboutins, do it. Even if you are headed toward your 70s and you’ve never had pink hair in your life: the time is now!”

Hair and makeup: DJ Victory
Photography: Stephen Midgett
Assistants: Becky Yarnell, Veronica Mihalus

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