HOW-TO: Florals for Summer by Kenra Color

Lauren Salapatek | June 30, 2015 | 2:32 AM

Alyssa Wiener, head colorist/stylist at Stylin' in Norwalk, Connecticut (@LYSSEON) created this flower-inspired look! See it come to life in 5 steps using Kenra Color Creative


Step 1: Use Kenra Lightener with 20 vol on regrowth for 20 minutes until hair lightens to a 9/10. Follow with a wash & dry.

Step 2: Mix up 3 different formulas.

Violet: 1 & 1/2 tubes of Kenra Creative Violet mixed with 1/2 a tube of Creative Red.

Red: 1 tube of Creative Red with a few ribbons of Creative Orange.

Orange: Creative Orange

Step 3: Apply violet mixture at the root and feather it down about an inch. Do this until regrowth is covered. (While this was processing, Alyssa used a direct dye lifter mixed with 10vol on model’s ends.

Step 4: Starting in the back, take diagonal forward sections, about an inch thick. Start to saturate ends with the orange, then meet with the red mixture in the middle, and connect it to the violet.

Tip: Do it in deep "V"s, almost like a balayage.

Tip: Make sure you wipe your gloves between colors!

Do this until each section is saturated fully. 

Step 5: Rinse with cold water and wash with sulfate free shampoo. Condition and style!



Photography: Megan Moss Freeman (

Makeup: Aliza Noelle (@AN_MAKEUP_ ) on Instagram.

Modeling: Em Skaug



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