TRANSFORMATION: Black Box To Red Ombre

Maggie Mulhern | July 8, 2015 | 12:34 PM

Chantel Duncan-Williams of Rancho Cucamonga, California, says that this client found her the new fashioned way, on Instagram.  "She had never done anything more then box black hair dye and since she was a senior in high school, her parents finally told her she could color her hair 'crazy'. She wanted to do a red ombré." Apparently the new client found images on Pinterest and became "obsessed. It's about to be a year since her first visit with me and she still loves the red ombré." On her first visit, the client arrived with a head full of black box dye and 2 inches of regrowth.

Here she shares the HOW TO:


Step 1: Begin by bleaching from the line of demarcation to the ends using Framesi Powder Lightener with 40 volume. Lift to orange yellow. Do not rinse.

Step 2: Apply bleach to the root, with 30 volume. Process for an addition 30 minutes to make an even canvas for tinting. Shampoo and condition with Framesi Moisture Rich Color Lover. Dry completely.

Step 3: Apply Rusk 5.6R from the root through the shaft, leaving about 5 inches off the ends.

Step 4:  Shampoo the hair pulling the color through the ends to give her copper ombré tips. Cut and style.



Step 1: Touch up the re-growth with Matrix HD-RR with 40 volume. Process for 30 minutes. Do not rinse.

Step 2: Apply HD-RR to her shaft with 30 volume. Pull each subsection with tension and blend with fingers, avoiding the ends, to achieve a ombré look. Process for an additional 15 minutes. 

Step 3: Rinse and shampoo with cold water, rubbing the dye down into the ends with shampoo "because I wanted the ends to catch some color." Towel dry.

Step 4: At the bowl apply Rusk 5.6R to the root area to add depth. Process for 20 minutes then shampoo.




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