New City, New Look

Maggie Mulhern | July 7, 2015 | 4:31 PM

Amelia ‘Violet’ Camp (@violetthestylist), best known as ‘Violet The Stylist’ ("a nickname I picked up in cosmetology school thanks to my predominantly violet hued haircolor") is based in the San Diego Suburb of La Mesa at Bouffant: A Hair Salon where she is a color specialist.

For Bethany, one of her dearest friends, Camp got to put that specialty to work. "Bethany recently moved from Seattle to Portland," says Camp. "I’m unable to touch her up as often as necessary. It had been about six months since I was able to color her hair so I knew we needed to do a complete over haul to remove banding from the previous applications and even out her tone. Bethany also decided that moving to a new city warranted an entirely new look, and opted for a disconnected pixie as our end goal. This is where we had some fun!"

To demonstrate the power of lighting, Camp sent in images taken in 2 different areas outside the salon - one in warm, natural light and the second in cool natural light. The results are, well, enlightening!

Here Camp shares the how to:

The Formulas/Process, all haircolor by L’Oreal Professionnel:

Formula A: Platinium Plus Lightening Paste + 30vol Platinium Nutri-Developer

Formula B: Platinium Ammonia Free Lightening Paste +20vol Nutri-Developer

Formula C: Platinium Ammonia Free Lightening Paste +20vol Nutri-Developer +1/8oz of Olaplex

Step 1: Begin with a basic retouch of the regrowth with Formula A.

Step 2: Once applied globally, apply Formula B on the mid shaft to address any banding issues. Lift to uniform pale yellow.

Step 3: Apply formula C through the ends for the last 15 minutes to even out the tone. Total processing time was 45-50 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse and lightly shampoo with Luo Post to remove any lightener that may have escaped the rinsing process. Towel dried thoroughly.

Step 5: Apply a glaze of DiaLight (3)10.12+(1)9.11+6vol from roots to ends at the shampoo bowl. "To add a little bit of interest and break up the smokey platinum result, I smudged DiaLight (10)10.12+(1)5.66+15vol onto the midshaft and ends, right over our existing glaze, where we were disconnecting her haircut for an ‘Antique Rose’ effect." Process for less than 10 minutes, constantly checking for desired tone. Rinse.





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