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Share Toys and Play Well With Others

Anne Moratto | July 10, 2015 | 9:09 AM

When faced with adversity in the salon, telling others how to behave is a knee jerk reaction that backfires. It’s best to keep cool. I know, easier said than done when someone hurls a real stinger at you.
I made a breakthrough when I let go of the false illusion that some people are more important than others. With this illusion the actions of the less important aren’t supposed to really matter. How dare a non-important person speak up. The gall.

The fact that I can only give attention to a few at a time gives the illusion that some are more important than others. Not so, because if when anyone’s number comes up, they automatically become important to me.

Some people may be nice and others may be mean to you, but you see, everyone has a good side, (and that occasional bad side of yours?) and, if you wait long enough, the meany will show you their good side. True, you may not be able to rush it, or have it your way, but you can certainly be patient. Here are a few pointers on getting on the sunny side of work and life:

  1. Start fresh with everyone each day, no matter what went down yesterday. Show happiness when you first see anyone. This sets up a positive vibe for whatever will follow.
  2. Never respond to an offense with another. Two wrongs never make a right
  3. Allow conflict to chill before you address anything. Observe the 48-hour rule. Longer wait time is even better.
  4. Conflict needs a partner. So don’t show up for conflict 
  5. Gossip is stealth bullying. Don’t join in on gossip about others.
  6. Exercise off negative emotions, resentment, anger, and sadness. It’s an amazing cure.
  7. Nightly, review everything that went right and that you are grateful for.

  Carlos Valenzuela is an international trainer, stylist, and author of iFabulous Salon Success, an online guide for new beauty salon professionals available at:  
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