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Social Superstar: @LindseyBenitez and Her Beautiful #InstaHair

Anne Moratto | July 10, 2015 | 9:20 PM


Full Name: Lindsey Benitez 

City & state: Salt Lake City, Utah

Follow Me: @LindseyBenitez 

Followers: 1165 

It is Lindsey Benitez’ sharing spirit and willingness to offer up her color formulas, tips and trick that caught the eye of the MODERN SALON editorial team.  She creates stunning hair color and seamless hair extensions and has assembled an inspiring social media portfolio of these looks.  “Creating beautiful hair is my passion and helping others feel beautiful is my life.”

Beauty school graduated from City/State: 

Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, Philadelphia PA

Most Viral Post: 

When I took a client from brunette, to pink pastel hair. It was showcased on and I about died—so exciting!

Who I'm following on Social Media: 

Riawna Capri, Nikki Lee and I love discovering new talented hairstylists. 

How has social media fame changed your life:

It's kept me busier than ever! I love the fresh inspiration and wide range of clients it has brought me. 

Best Way to Build a Clientele from Social Media: 

Hashtag things that you think people will want to look up. Tag companies that produce your favorite products. Post pictures you have full confidence in that showcase your talent in the best way.  

Favorite Instagram Filter: 

I absolutely do not use filters on my hair pictures. How the light catches the hair in the salon or outside, that is how I post it. For personal photos, I like to use Lark and Aden.

Favorite App for pics/editing/collage:

I use PhotoMirror and PhotoGrid

The professional beauty product I can't live without: 

Kenra's Blow Dry Spray. It's a light oil in a spray form. I use it on all hair types. It is a heat protectant and adds incredible shine. 

Shout out to someone who helped me along the way: 

Sharon McReynolds, owner of Sharon Daniel Salon outside of Chicago, Illinois where I first started as a licensed hairstylist. I wouldn't be who I am as a stylist without her. She showed me that genuinely educating your clients is key and client interaction and communication is most important. 



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