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Social Superstar: Jason Reyes, @ILiketoCutHair

Anne Moratto | July 10, 2015 | 9:28 PM


Full name:    Jason Reyes

City/State:     Orlando Florida 

Follow me on: Twitter Instagram Facebook /  @ILiketoCutHair

Number of followers: 24k

Jason Reyes began as a barber many years ago in Puerto Rico. He studied Computer Science, which he says helps him combine technology and hair to provide great visuals for learners.  Reyes was instrumental in creating Paul Mitchell Schools Barbering curriculum and is an International Trainer for John Paul Mitchell Systems.  “I have traveled the world doing hair shows and seminars helping train other beauty industry professionals and Future Professionals,” Reyes says. “Most importantly, I continue to educate myself and practice my craft.”

Who I'm following on social: Magazines like Modern Salon, Fashion Designers, Music Industry Icons, Tattoo Artists and really anyone that triggers inspiration for me.

How has social media fame changed your life: Incredibly! I have had features in magazines, several companies have reached out and sent me tools for me to test and use. My clientele has grown tremendously as I post pictures of my clients that their friends would see and then I would get messages from them and others wanting to get their hair done. The power of hashtags has helped to grow my following as well. I'll receive requests from strangers to travel to them to cut or style their hair for a special event. I am always humbled and in shock when I travel internationally and have people that follow me and approach me to say they came to the show to see me work.

Best way to build a clientele from social media: I found a simple formula-- only post the pictures you like. I relate this back to a tattoo artist. When you go get a tattoo the first thing you want to see is that person’s work, and in the beauty industry it’s the same. Guests want to see your work so I think of using your Instagram page as your portfolio to be a powerful tool to grow your business. It’s where you showcase your best work. Social Media has and will become the most influential reference tool for many businesses as everyone goes there to gather ideas and inspiration. Hashtags are very important as they act as the search engine consumers are using. I always try to add my own hashtags and make sure to tag the person in picture, as this will help their friends and new potential clients see your work.

The professional beauty product I can't live without: My favorite combo that I use on my hair is Hardwired by Mitch from Paul Mitchell. When I want an extra strong hold, I like Stay Strong Express Dry Hairspray as it hold my style all day long.

Special shout out to someone who helped you along the way: Hard one as I have been blessed with many great people that have helped me along the way. Stephanie Kocielski has been there for me not only to help me grow in my career and believing in what I can do, but most importantly as a friend and has supported me when life has become difficult personally. I have also been fortunate to travel the world with Robert Cromeans and every time I get off a stage he coaches me on what I did good and what I could've done to make it better. His passion and love for the beauty industry in contagious and I feel blessed to have him as a coach and taking the time to help me grow. 

I would love to makeover: Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

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