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Session 1 to Session 5
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Before, after session 1 and then the final result.
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The results of session 1.
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The results from session 2.
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The finished result - icy blonde!
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Brooke Benton (@brookebent) of Brooke Benton Salon, Westlake Village, California, says she lives "to make others feel good about themselves and be happy. What better way than making the one accessory they can't take off look beautiful!"

For client Sarah she did just that. "She was a vibrant Pravana red and decided that she wanted to transition back to blonde. She's very daring! And brave! We did 5 sessions and it took several weeks until she was icy white." In between each session Benton sent Sarah home with Olaplex #3 to use after each shampoo. Adds Benton, "This was my first time using Olaplex and it rocked my world!"


Step 1:  Apply Malibu DDL 2x in a row until she lifted to a very pale apricot shade. "I had a very difficult time removing the red."

Step 2: Heavily foil highlight using Schwarzkopf Blonde Me lightener and 40 volume with Olaplex, lifting to a pale beige blonde.

Step 3: Apply Olaplex #2 and process for 40 minutes. Shampoo and dry the hair. The hair was strawberry blonde.

Step 4: Glaze with Pravana Pink and conditioner (equal parts) for 30 minutes "for a very soft pastel pink and so she could have one more last hurrah with a fashion color!" Cut, blow dry and style. "I sent her home with Olaplex #3 to use EVERY time she washed her hair."

SECOND SESSION (one month later): "Her hair faded out completely from the pale pink and I foiled her highlights again with Schwarzkopf Blonde Me and 40 volume with Olaplex. I lowlighted and based the remaining apricot sections with Goldwell Colorance 7NA. Send home with Olaplex #3.

THIRD SESSION (one month after session 2) NO PIX: "This time I back to back foiled her hair with Schwarzkopf Blonde Me and 30 volume with Olaplex. Processed for 40 minutes, rinsed and applied #2 Olaplex. Processed for one hour. I then toned her with Colorance 10V and 10P (even ratio). One more Olaplex #2 for 20 minutes and then shampooed. Trim and style. Sent home with Olaplex #3."

FOURTH SESSION (one month after session 3) NO PIX: "I did an Olaplex treatment first before beginning anything. After I dried her, I lightened her all over from root to ends. On the regrowth I used Schwarzkopf Blonde Me and 30 volume with Olaplex and her mids/ends I used Schwarzkopf and 20 volume with Olaplex. It took me about an hour and a half to apply and saturated and lift evenly. Afterward I rinsed and did Olaplex #2 for 1 hour. I rinsed and toned with Colorance 10V (1oz) and 10P (1/2oz) for 10 minutes. I shampooed and blew her out. Her his was still so healthy feeling that I did not trim her at all."

FIFTH AND FINAL SESSION (one month later):

Step 1: Lighten the hair using Schwarzkopf Blonde Me at her regrowth with 30 volume and Olaplex and her Mid/Ends with 20 volume and Olaplex.

Step 2: Process for 20 minutes without heat. Rinse. Apply Olaplex #2.

Step 3: Tone with Colorance 10P all over and process for 5 minutes.  Shampoo, style and give Olaplex #3 to take home.

"And that was it," adds Benton. "I do have to say that every time I did her hair it felt so amazing. I'm so impressed. Never once was it compromised with any damage. It never had any sign of breakage or damage - a miracle after all that stress. I never felt like I had to cut her hair off and if she hadn't wanted to go shorter. I'm sure her hair would have still been able to be as long as it was when it was red. Amazing."

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