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Great Clips Awards Inspiring Educator with a New Car

Anne Moratto | July 15, 2015 | 12:40 PM
Mark Fisher, a Great Clips franchisee in the Topeka, KS market, present educator Evelyn Conway with a voucher for her new car.

Great Clips celebrates their Educator Appreciation Day by gifting one lucky cosmetologist with a new car.  Evelyn Conway, a massage therapist and educator since 1997 and a licensed cosmetologists since 1994 and a cosmetology educator since 1996, teaches at Bellus Academy in Kansas, and she was the lucky winner.  Mark Fisher, a Great Clips franchisee in the Topeka, KS market, presented her with the car.

"I was totally amazed at such a blessing being offered to me," Conway says."Great Clips is a caring company not only for their employees but to their customers, the communities they serve and the entire cosmetology industry.  Being an educator is such a rewarding career but I never dreamed it could provide me a new car when I needed it the most. I feel blessed beyond words."

In February of 2012, Conway was in a serious car accident and she became 30% disabled in an wreck that was someone else's fault. Unfortunately, the person that hit her had no job and no insurance.  That accident didn't stop Conway.  She came to work with her wheel chair, then eventually crutches and then eventually a cane.  Currently, Conway has been assisting her two sisters who are both fighting cancer.  One of them lives in Illinois and she drives up to see her and care for her.  Conway just found out her other sister who works at Kansas State University was diagnosed with cancer as well.  Conway has been also working and caring for her husband.  Her husband has bradycardia that affects the rhythm of his heart.  He also just had neuro back surgery and Conway has been working to care for him and help him around the house.

"When I think of anyone that could win a prize like this it couldn't be more deserving for Evelyn.  She is not just a great educator that gives with her heart everyday she walks through our doors she is also a loving and caring human being that constantly gives to everyone around her,"  David Yocum Academy Director, Bellus Academy Manhattan, Kansas Campus says.










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