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HOW-TO: Jenny McCarthy’s New HOT Pink Hair

Elizabeth Jakaitis | July 17, 2015 | 8:32 AM
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Actress Jenny McCarthy, known for her glam blonde locks, has gone for a bold makeover, changing her hair color to an eye-popping pink.

McCarthy joins other celebrities who have recently tried out the pink trend, including Kelly Ripa and “Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco. It’s a fab look, but only for as long as the color lasts before fading.

Keratin Complex International Creative Team Member Abraham Sprinkle explains the how to create – and, most importantly, maintain – this bold pink hair color:

“With the demand of ‘jewel toned’ colors, hairstylists are facing the battle of not only how to execute it but also achieving color longevity. It has become very easy for consumers to replicate these tones but after a few shampoos they end up with an uneven, splotchy mess due to having to color over the bleached-out base required. As a stylist we have many strategies to combat this. Hot pink would use a combination dye molecule: Direct (which are what most consumers would use) and oxidated color. Both types of dye help with the lifespan of vibrancy, by driving one color deep inside the hair shaft, while the other sets on the surface. The combination of these two act like an insurance policy against fading.”

To achieve this level of pink-ness, Abraham worked up a formula that mimics McCarthy’s new hue.


1oz 10.28

.25 7.62

2-inch ribbon of Keratin Complex Metamorphic .62

10 vol


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