From Red To Green To Faded To Red Again: THE JOURNEY

Maggie Mulhern | July 23, 2015 | 6:01 AM
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The first red (this is the BEFORE!!!)
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After the initial color cleanse.
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After the color primer.
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Dia goes green!
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The green faded to this. Interesting.
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Highlights processing with Embee Meche.
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Balayage results.
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Red again!
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The beautiful end result. What a journey!
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Sarah Naslund (@MyBigHairDay) of Athena Aveda Salon Spa, Boston, Mass, has been on quite a journey with salon guest, friend and tattoo artist Dia (@diamoellertattoo). "The first time I did her hair we did some subtle red highlights which led to full on fire red," says Naslund. "She decided she wanted green hair...just had to have it! So I told her it would be better upkeep to keep it natural where the hair meets skin and we can melt from natural to green. Like most fun colors, it faded, so we glossed it over a few times. Then she decided she wanted to return to red. I thought she was kidding at first, since it was a triple process and 5+ hours to get from red to green!  I told her to let the green fade as much as possible. Since Aveda color has so many glossy, shiny, conditioning properties in it, her hair actually suffered from NOT getting colored!  We then did the back to red process. I used a LOT of violet to neutralize the yellow as opposed to just slapping on a bunch of red because we did not want copper.  I still want to keep it natural where the hair meets the skin so her maintenance isn't super high."

Here Naslund shares the details:


Color cleanse with equal parts Aveda Enlightener/detoxifying shampoo with 20 volume. Start in the back. As you approach the front, swith to 30 volume. Rinse, shampoo and then apply equalizing solution to even out porosity. Dry the hair. Follow with a "fashion primer" of equal parts 0n/pastel blue/10volume. Rinse, shampoo, apply equalizing solution and dry. Color melt using 4n/Bg (blue green) with 10 volume near the scalp and 0n/green pure pigment with 5 volume on the mids and ends. Follow with a Damage Remedy Botanical Hair Therapy Treatment.


We glossed with 0n/green pure pigment with 5volume a few times.


Dia decided to return to red. "We let the green fade into a mossy/swampy/yellow/green."

Retouch balayage using equal parts Enlightener with 0n and 20 volume. "Pull just a few pieces through the ends to protect the integrity of the hair." Separate with Embee Meche strips. Process for 30 minutes. Rinse, shampoo with Damage Remedy, treat wth Equalizing Solution and dry.

Then apply the color melt formula:

-Near scalp: 40g Deposit Only color treatment with 4n 6g Full Spectrum Permanent VR (violet red) 3g FSP Red pure pigment with 40ml liquid treatment activator. 

-Mids through ends: 40g FSP Intense Base (clear with ammonia) 10g VR 2g red pure pigment with 20ml 10 volume developer and 20ml 20 volume developer.

Process for 30 minutes. Rinse, apply Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner. Trim and then apply Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair and Dry Remedy Oil.


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