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TRANSFORMATION: Goodbye Fantasy Blue - Hello Natural Haircolor!

Lauren Salapatek | July 22, 2015 | 9:20 AM
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After using food coloring and Manic Panic on her hair at home for about a year, this client was done with fantasy blue and wanted to return back to her natural color.

"This client said she would be starting high school cheerleading in August and could not have crazy haircolor," said Abbey Gould, New Talent Stylist at Salon Lorrene in Palatine, IL. Follow the steps below and learn how Gould transformed this client's patchy, and frizzy blue into a summer brunette!


Formula 1: 4oz 8WG Redken shades EQ, 4oz processing solution

Formula 2: 1oz 8N Redken shades EQ, 1oz clear, 2oz processing solution 

Formula 3: 2oz 8N shades EQ, 2oz 8WG shades EQ, 4oz processing solution

Formula 4: 1/2 7NB Redken shades EQ, 1/4 7G Redken shades EQ, 1/4 7GB Redken shades EQ, 1oz processing solution



STEP 1: Lighten the client’s hair with BlondorLightener with 30 vol developer. Apply the lightener only to the previously colored hair, until all of the color is stripped. The client's hair after this step was a level 9 pale yellow/green. Hair was shampooed and dried completely.

STEP 2: Apply formula 1 on all of the lightened hair. Process for 20 minutes. Rinse hair. NO shampoo or conditioner. Dry hair until it is 50% dry and comb out. 

STEP 3: Apply formula 2 only on the re-growth only. 

STEP 4: Apply formula 3 on ends of hair. Process 20-30 minutes at room temperature. Add water at the shampoo bowl and emulsify thoroughly, then rinse completely. 

STEP 5: Put formula 4 on the scalp to ends on damp hair. Process for 5 minutes. Add water and emulsify thoroughly. Rinse and condition. Apply Global Keratin Leave-in Conditioner and Global Keratin Leave-in Cream and style.

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