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Men to Be: Diana Schmidtke's Journey in Beauty

Lauren Quick | July 24, 2015 | 7:27 AM
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Diana Schmidkte is born in Waukegan, IL, and is the youngest of three sisters.

Men to Be: From assistant to celebrity stylist and men's-grooming expert

It all started innocently enough. Diana Schmidtke’s mother tells a story about her having her comb confi scated in fourth grade because she was combing hair too much. And from there, things kind of took off.


Schmidtke wasted no time post-graduation from Chicago’s Pivot Point International; she made her way out to Los Angeles to build an impressive book of celebrity clientele (George Clooney, Liam Hemsworth, Will Ferrell and the like).


Her focus on men’s grooming established her as an industry expert, so she wrote a book, made appearances on Oprah and isn’t one to miss an opportunity to give back and share with students and other professionals.


Make sure to follow her on Instagram at @dianaschmidtke1 and read her blog posts on

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