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A New Cut and Higher Contrast Color

Anne Moratto | July 26, 2015 | 9:50 PM

Such beautiful work and a truly trusting client, coming to @ajlashmett on the same day she left for her honeymoon to have this gorgeous makeover. 

“This is a before and after of the cut and colour that I did on my Bride this Sunday.  She had been growing her hair out for two years and she decided to chop it and get a higher contrast color.  We did this the day after her wedding and THE SAME DAY that she left for her honeymoon.  So much fun!!”

BASE FORMULA:  Paul Mitchell The Color—5CB 1:2 7 volume

HIGHLIGHT TONER FORMULA:  Paul Mitchell PM Shine—9NB (1oz) + Violet Shot (2) + PM Shine Processing Liquid (2oz)


STEP ONE: Part triangular Mohawk from center crown to recessions.  Foil ½” slices with lightener and appropriate developer: saturate midstrand-ends and feather up to base. Leave out 1.5” between foils for hair with medium density.

STEP TWO: T-part around Mohawk sectioning. Using diagonal forward partings (use partings that match shape of cut) apply Base formula from base-midstrand. Using lightener with a lower developer than your foils, apply from ends and feather up to midstrand into Base color. Do this application on all hair not in foils.

STEP THREE: Rinse and shampoo when foiled highlights reach level 9 and all over highlights reach level 9 and all over highlights reach level 8. Towel blot and apply Highlight Toner all over for 20 minutes. Rinse, condition and style.

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Hair Color Trends
Hair Color Trends

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