Yes, This Is A Granny DO!!!

Maggie Mulhern | July 29, 2015 | 8:45 AM

Lael (@Shear.renegade) of Element Salon, Sonora, California,  says "My client has gorgeous white hair that we keep bright with purple depositing shampoos. The back story to this look began after I came back from Zgat Academy taught by Mario and Ivana at Frederico Advanced Academy in Sacramento. I was totally inspired to do some precision cutting with an edgy twist. This client is always willing to let me loose creatively on her hair. She is an edgy lady with tattoos so I new some shaving would be fun for her."

Lael faded her hair using an Andis Masters clipper with a 0 to 3 guard on the right side of her hair and then from occipital down and all the way to her left temple to remove bulk.  The left was over directed to the back section to create a soft aline. "She likes her hair to be very blunt, so there is minimal point cutting to soften the edges a bit." The cut was done with very slight graduation and classic bob precision.

Note from Lael: "One year ago I made a decision to dive head first into education after finding myself uninspired. I make a point participating in an education event a minimum of once a month and most months it's every weekend! I've been completely inspired by Wolffbehr, Zgat and Ricky "hair God" Zito."


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