Hot Weather Grooming Tips for Men

Anne Moratto | July 30, 2015 | 9:48 AM
Ivan Zoot

The heat is on.

Here are my ClipperGuy top 5 tips for guy grooming for summer.

  1.      Wear a hat, use sunscreen - The sun beats down hard and hot this time of year.  Wear a hat as an important part of sun protection.  Sunscreen is a must for outdoor activities.  If you are thin on top or a bit receded, sunscreen on your scalp is non-negotiable.

  2.      Go short - Beat the heat and look your best with a crisp, clean, short, seasonal haircut.  Take the taper tight.  Take the top down a bit, too.  Feel the wind. Stay cool and relaxed with a shorter haircut.

   3.      Use less product  - Even ClipperGuy, the big-time product user, backs off the hair gel a bit in summer.  Nothing is worse than the stinging when perspiration results in firm hold gel getting in your eyes.  A lighter, casual look looks better in the summer heat, anyway.

   4.      Shower frequently - Feel cool and refreshed and keep your skin clean and clear with a cool shower.  Perspiration on the skin can attract bacteria and lead some guys to breakouts.  Shower with a friend for another summer treat.

   5.      Moisturize - Sun exposure and a nice tan can make you look healthy, fit and youthful.  Too much sun and not enough moisture can make you look old before your time.  Use a good moisturizer, frequently.

Bonus Tip

6.      Lose the beard - Go for the clean-shaven look.  The beard thing is over.  The Chicago Blackhawks have the cup.  The baseball playoffs are not for months.  Basketball is out of season.  Hunting season is far off.  There is no reason to be sporting hot face fur in the heat of summer.  Your significant other will thank you.



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