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COLOR CORRECTION: Mermaid Green Ombre

Jamie Newman | July 31, 2015 | 12:50 PM
Client's Purple Ombre Before
Photo By Ivy Kasper Photo 1 of 4
Client's Purple Ombre During Fading Process
Photo By Ivy Kasper Photo 2 of 4
Before Green Ombre Process
Photo By Ivy Kasper Photo 3 of 4
After, Hello Mermaid Hair!
Photo By Ivy Kasper Photo 4 of 4

Stylist Ivy Kasper (@warmsprings_est2003) of WARMSPRINGS Salon & Spa in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, was inspired by mermaid hair when her client came in for a turquoise ombre. But before Kasper could make the undersea transformation, her client had to dull down her existing color, which was purple ombre with pink undertones. Kasper had her client prep her hair a full week with remove from the Goldwell Elumen line before going green.

STEP 1: “I teased the hair for my ombre technique with 40 vol Olaplex, and processed for about 30 minutes,” Kasper said.
STEP 2: Mix root color (3n with 10 vol Goldwell and G.O.D. drops) and two different Elumen shades (tq @ all, and .9oz tq @ all and .3oz yy @ all, for a seafoam shade)
STEP 3: “I sectioned the hair starting in the back, coloring her root to about 3 inches down, and haphazardly grabbing 1 1/2- 2 inch sections and alternating both fashion colors going up the head.”
STEP 4: “With a processing cap on, she was under heat for 15 minutes.”
STEP 5: “Once she was finished I rinsed her hair, locked it with Elumen lock for 5 minutes, then Olaplex #2 for 15 min, rinsed, shampooed with Elumen shampoo, and Elumen conditioner from Goldwell."
STEP 6: Finished the look with Aveda smooth infusion styling crème, curled and finished.


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