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CLIENT REQUEST: "Go Lighter Without Any Maintenance"

Elizabeth Jakaitis | August 5, 2015 | 10:42 AM


Tyler Summers (@makeupfreaktyler) a stylist at Jax and King in La Jolla, San Diego, had a client come in with level 3 Asian hair. “She wanted to be lighter without any maintenance,” said Summers, so he decided a beautiful sombre would suit her perfectly.

Here, Summers describes the steps he took to create the look:

1. I used Flash Lift by Redken with 40 vol, because I needed to get 6-7 levels of lift.

2. I had her process for 17 minutes, then washed.

3. I did a root tap with 8N from shades EQ.

4. Next, I glazed the rest of her hair with half 8N and half 9N, 20 vol.

5. Last, I had her sit for 10 minutes and washed.

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Hair Color Trends
Hair Color Trends

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