TRANSFORMATION: Faded Fun To High Fashion

Maggie Mulhern | August 8, 2015 | 11:25 AM

Amber Mahaffey (@tatted_blondeee) of Amber's Chair, Myrtle Beach, SC, specializes in color correcting, high lift platinums and bright hair. When we saw this faded fashion shade we were curious what she would do! The results, as you see, are amazing. Here she shares the HOW TO:

Step 1: To the regrowth apply Redken Flashlift 20 volume and Olaplex. Process for 45 minutes and then rinse.

Step 2: Tone with Redken Shades EQ 1 oz 9v 1/2 oz 9b. Process for 6 minutes.

Step 3: Apply Olaplex no. 2. Process for at least 5 minutes and then shampoo, condition and blow dry.

Step 4: Color melt with Kenra Creatives:

regrowth: 2oz violet and 3 squirts blue

midshaft: 1oz pink 3 squirts red

ends: 3 oz orange 2 squirts pink and 1/2 oz yellow

Step 5: Process according to manufacturers instructions and then rinse with cold water. Condition with Pravana conditioner.


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