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FORMULA: Vintage Rose by Melanie Bray

Anne Moratto | August 9, 2015 | 7:14 PM

Melanie Bray (@melanie.bee) calls the beautiful color design she created for her client a "Vintage Rose."

"This beauty was nervous but ready for something new," Bray says. "She showed me a few pictures and I took inspiration from them and crafted something personal for her. She loves it!"

NOTE: Bray used all Scruples color and all formulas were mixed with Demi developer.
Formula 1: 4RM + 5MG 
Formula 2: 5RM + 5RR 
Formula 3: 7NC + 7MG
Formula 4: 10G + clear with an inch of yellow intensifier 
Step 1: I first started by parting the hair in 4 sections, and began applying formula 1 at the base of the back two sections behind the ears. 
Step 2: Starting at the nape, I used diagonal back partings using a zig zag shape, about an inch apart, working up to the crown.
Step 3: I melted in formula 2 and formula 3 into the base, occasionally pulling formula 1 through some of the ends. Formula 4 was pulled through at random.
Step 4: Repeated steps 1-3 in the front two sections and processed for 30 minutes.
Step 5: Shampoo with Renewal (color retention shampoo) and condition with Quickseal (great take-home everyday conditioner!). I applied Quick Recovery (Leave-in conditioner) and used the Soothing Polish for a smooth and shiny finish.

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