MEN'S TRANSFORMATION: From Long, Berkeley Locks to Stylish, Textured Cut

Elizabeth Jakaitis | August 11, 2015 | 10:24 AM


A client came into Salon Cartier in Walnut Creek, California “rocking his long, Berkeley locks,” but wanting a change. Stylist Tara Mera (@tara.mera_the_creator) recommended transitioning from his college look to a more polished, textured style.

“I started by taking his sides down with a number 2 guard,” said Mera. “Then I cleaned up the rest of the bottom from the occipital bone down, alternating between a 0 and 1 guard to give him a shadow taper that would help connect his beard. Pulling from the crown forward, I used my texturizing shears and razor to give him an edgy look. I finished the style by lining up his beard to give him the ultimate gentleman’s look.”

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