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Modern Reports: Pureology Synergy 2015

Lauren Quick | August 11, 2015 | 1:09 PM
A group of Pureology Pure Artists gather with Pureology Educator Ruth Roche during hands-on workshops.
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Pureology Senior Director of Training Johnny Stellato wraps up a day of presentations by bringing all the PureArtists on stage.
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Pureology Artistic Ambassador Ruth Roche leads a workshop on Monday.
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A PureArtist participates in one of Monday’s hands-on workshops.
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Pureology Artistic Director Wendy Belanger guides PureArtists during a hands-on workshop.
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THE EVENT: Pureology Synergy 2015 at the JW Marriot Austin in Austin, Texas, June 13-16.

THE DETAILS: Fifty-eight Pureology PureArtists and 48 Pureology corporate employees attended the Pureology conference to get a rundown on what’s up and coming for the brand and connect with Pure Artists from around the country. The 106 attendees spent the four days learning behind-the-scenes brand details (upcoming product launches, new ads, etc.), seeking inspiration and learning from one another. Bobbi Foster-Kelly, Pureology AVP field training, promised that they would not go more than a year without gathering together for another Synergy.

Days kicked off with some enthusiastic dancing (yes, dancing!) and were peppered with time to chat, share and snack throughout. Evenings concluded with dinner and sometimes cocktails, and of course more time to talk to other artists and Pureology loyalists. 

THE LAUNCHES: Pureology introduced its Cleansing Condition range in June of this year. August brought Nano Works Gold Shampoo and Conditioner along with Colour Fanatic Instant Deep-Conditioning Mask. Stay tuned for two more exciting launches coming soon!

SOCIAL FOCUS: Aditi Sharma, Pureology manager of integrated marketing, spoke about social media and how Pureology intends to market and brand with the various social channels.

Many stylists (and adults in general) might feel overwhelmed by social media, but that’s reasonable—Sharma pointed out that, “Social media as we know it is only 10 years old.” Facebook popped up around 2004, and Instagram was just two years ago in 2013. Sharma encouraged Pure Artists to make a professional business page on Facebook to make them discoverable, connected, timely and insightful.

THE LAST WORD: “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.” –Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted by Foster-Kelly.


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