Pastel Pinwheel

Maggie Mulhern | August 12, 2015 | 7:55 AM

Sarah Crews (@HairBySarahCrews) of Studio Gaven Haircolour, Nashville, TN, was just playing around with color and ended up creating this breathtaking pastel design. Here she shares the HOW TO in her own words:

I used Pravana Vivids and Pastels along with Kenra Color Creative. This is a pie parting from left of center-high point of the head. Imagine a pinwheel, with the middle point positioned off to the left of the high point of the head. Each pie parting ends in a "V" creating diamond shapes of sorts all around the head.
Alternating sections: Pravana Violet at root area and Pravana Lavender at root area.
On the lavender-root sections: Pravana Magenta (diluted)
On violet sections: Pravana Mint. I left her ends out to absorb the colors as they were rinsed.
The underneath section was colored with Pravana Mint. This created a different look when the hair is moved from side to side...or really any way you part it!

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