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Removing Stubborn Brights to Blonde Transformation

Anne Moratto | August 12, 2015 | 2:04 PM

Carly Rae Lawrenson (@carlyraelawrenson) from Harlow Salon in Nashville, TN shares her steps and formula for removing those tough-to-budge bright colors.  She used all TIGI Copyright ColourLawrenson is a TIGI Inspirational Youth 2014 Team Winner.

Step 1: +/00 mix master Tigi Copyright Colour with 1:1.5 30V,  process 35 minutes.

Step 2: TIGI True Light White Lightener with 8.5 V at the new growth, 20v and True Light White mid shaft to ends

Step 3: Root shade> TIGI Copyright Colour 9/03 creative 30 g with 9/03 gloss 30 g with 90 g 5 volume

            Mid shaft to ends> TIGI gloss 20 g 10/32, 30 g 10/08 gloss, 10 g 0/02 gloss with 90 g 8.5v process 20 min

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