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MY STORY: Kiley Potter

Lauren Salapatek | August 20, 2015 | 11:59 PM
Kiley Potter – Master Colorist Session Stylist + Matrix Artistic Educator

Kiley Potter’s passion for color and love of styling is what led her to becoming not just a stylist but also a Matrix Artistic Educator and Matrix Color Master. She services a full clientele at Salon Glo in Valencia, CA, favoring balayage, color melts, and finishing off with her signature “unkempt” textured style.

Potter conducts training to the industry while also creating the edgy styles on TV’s Sweden’s Next Top Model and the sophisticated styles on The Price is Right. Accomplished and uncommon, Potter brings her unique sense of style to the industry after only seven years behind the chair.

“I got started with my passion for color—that was my main focus. Then eventually I fell into styling. You can’t just do beautiful color and then send a client out the door with frizzy hair,” says Potter. “I love that beauty is always constantly changing, there’s always something new. I always want to stay on top of the trends and I love that there is always so much to learn!"

Potter says that no matter what, she will always continue searching for the next thing to master whether it's braiding, updos, styling or blowouts. In the video, you will also discover Potter’s passion for music – she finds inspiration in attending concerts and seeing different artists.

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