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Ombre Color Correction

Elizabeth Jakaitis | August 25, 2015 | 9:56 AM

MODERN SALON spoke with stylist Tyler Summers earlier this month to get the details on how he helped a client go lighter without having to worry about maintenance. She was so happy with the end result that a couple weeks later her sister came to him requesting a color correction – once again we see that you hardly need a business card when your work speaks for itself!

The client came to Summers after going somewhere else for an ombre job that didn’t turn out as she’d hoped. Instead of a soft blend of tones, she appeared to have grown out roots and split ends. Summers immediately set out to repair the damage and the end result is a beautiful, rich ombre.

Here are the steps he took to create this transformation:

1. Summers began with the client’s base. He used 5N from Redken shade EQ 20 vol and processed for 20 minutes under heat. Then he allowed 5 minutes for it to cool down.

2. He washed, cut and blowdried the hair.

3. Next he began the ombre correction, removing the dark roots and lightening the ends. He used FlashLift and 30 vol and processed for 17 minutes under heat.

4. Then he washed and towel dried hair and glazed it with 8N and 20 vol on the midshaft. He applied half 8N and half 9N with 20 vol to the ends and left it on for 10 minutes.

5. Summers washed and styled the hair to complete the look.

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