TRANSFORMATION: Nature Inspired Fashion Finish

Maggie Mulhern | August 31, 2015 | 6:29 AM
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Co-Owner and Stylist of Theory Hair Salon, Brittney Murphy, created this chic look to showcase her best style for the 2015 Goldwell Color Zoom Challenge. Her inspiration came from tribal looks of gray and silver tones and fashion colors that come from within nature.

Here Murphy shares her step-by-step on how to achieve this look, using all Goldwell color:

Step 1: Pre-lighten using 35 mL SilkLift 9% (30 vol) + 1 scoop SilkLift High Performance Lightener. Apply half inch out from the root to the ends in back to back micro foils.
Step 2:
Root Application: 35 mL SilkLift 6% (20 vol) + 1 scoop SilkLift High Performance Lightener. Pull foils and apply formula to the root. Observe processing time. Shampoo hair.
Step 3: Tone/Platinize: 60mL Colorance Lotion + 20mL 10BS+ 10mL 8SB. Process until desired tone is reached. Rinse and towel dry.
Step 4: Apply Elumen Prepare to the hair and dry
Step 5: Crescent Mood Bandeau Section:
Formula A: (Elumen) Reconstructed Brick: 10mL [email protected] + 10mL [email protected] + 10mL [email protected]
Formula B: (Elumen) Reconstructed Concrete: 15mL [email protected] + 15mL [email protected] + 2mL [email protected] + 2mL [email protected] + 1mL [email protected]
Formula C: (Elumen) Reconstructed Moss: 25mL [email protected] + 10mL [email protected] + 10mL [email protected] + 2.5mL [email protected] + 2.5 mL [email protected] + 2mL [email protected]
Formula D: (Elumen) 30mL [email protected] + 30mL [email protected] + 30mL [email protected]
Alternate formulas A,B & C in a back to back micro slice, tapping formula D at the root .
Background Color:
Apply formula D to the remaining hair. Observe processing time.
Step 6: Rinse, shampoo and towel-dry the hair.
Step 7: Apply Elumen Lock and process for 5 minutes, then rinse and condition with Elumen Treat.

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